How To Write an Effective Blog Post

How To Write an Effective Blog Post

Blogs are important when it comes to content marketing. It will help a brand build a connection with the audience and ultimately drive traffic to a website. In order to drive leads and sales from blog posts, one must learn the basics to write effectively. Having an effective blog is more than just writing it grammatically correct. Remember, that content is king, and will bring awareness and sales. When you write, it should spark interest, be useful, and be seen.  Here are 5 tips on how to write an effective blog post.

Know Your Audience

When you know what your readers need and how they think, you’ll be able to write a blog post tailored to them. It should be informative and useful. Something they will learn from and would definitely share with others. Remember to define your goal and follow through.

Plan Your Blog Posts

Content is the most important aspect, so you should plan it well. Start with a content calendar and list down possible blog posts. Make sure to prepare enough scheduled ahead of time. There are tons of free web-based list-making applications you can use for content strategy.

Create an Exceptional Title

The first thing your readers will see of your blog post is the title. Writing a riveting and catchy title could be a challenge for some. Start with a working title and create a couple that will stand out. Titles with numbers usually entice people to click. Trigger keywords like how, why and what are also proven effective. These words evoke curiosity among readers. Ensure to stay accurate and avoid click baits, and you will be on your way!

Optimise Content for Search Engines

One reason for having a blog is to generate website visits and market through content. In order for blog posts to rank in search engines using keywords and optimising them is vital. Include the main keywords in the title, body, headers, and image alt text. Keyword density is also important, inserting them 3-7 times in an article is recommended (depending on the length of the blog post).

Have a call-to-action

Call-to-action (CTA) is the finishing touch of any form of content. It is a way to gently (or bluntly, it’s up to you) nudge your audience in the right direction. Whether to visit a site, share content, comment on an article, or purchase a product or service.

Remember these 5 simple tips: Know your audience, make a content calendar, choose an accurate and exceptional title, search engine optimisation, and remember the call-to-action. While these tips may help you write an effective blog post, being consistent will go a long way! Stay tuned for more insightful tips about maximising your website!

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