Why A Website Copy Is Important

The Power of Website Copy

You need a website to improve your online presence and raise brand awareness. Unfortunately, a catchy headline and exceptional photographs aren’t enough for some businesses. True enough, a landing page similar to Canva or Pinterest can get away with just a headline and few texts. However, if your services require a bit of explanation due to its technicality, you’ll need excellent website copy.

Keep in mind that website copy is not the same as web content. Here is how.

The Difference Between Website Copy and Web Content

Web content is any form of writing one can find in your website. These are your blog posts, product descriptions, videos, images, virtually anything except the user interface assets your website has (like scrollbars.)

The focus of web content is to inform your audience as a form of marketing. It does not sell but rather introduce the ideas that help culminate in a sale later on. 

On the other hand, web copy aims to sell. However, this isn’t a similar “Car Salesman’s Pitch” to get your audience’s attention. Web copy uses simple language to talk about the defined features of your product or services.

In addition, it uses all assets to heighten your brand in a short amount of time such as: awards, recognitions, years of research, third-party research data etc.

How Do You Write an Excellent Website Copy?

Good websitecopy can use any type of design, length of paragraphs, or even an auto-play video. However, it must achieve or perform the following: 

Answer Your Reader’s Initial Questions

Readers often land on business pages when they’re looking for solutions, trying to buy a certain product, or just researching about possible prospects. By understanding these intentions, you can guess the questions in their head once they land on your website.

For example, audiences looking for a quirky online dress shop will find a homepage showcasing unique types of clothes with the headline solidifying the resolve to create fresh designs as answering their initial mental questions such as: “Do they have what I’m looking for?,” “Do they make more of these?,” “How wide is their selection?”

Easy to Scan Visually

Websites with a huge wall of text as copy will be cumbersome to read. On the other hand, websites with minimal yet non-descriptive text and a ton of videos and images will confuse many readers. 

Proper balance between good format, imagery, and overall user interface are the secrets to an excellent landing page that is easy for the eyes to scan quickly.

Most Relevant > Least Relevant

Relevant information will further answer your audience’s questions and encourage your readers to consume more content. Make sure your first few paragraphs answer all your audience’s initial questions to make sure they read the entire landing page and get to know your business as you want to impress on them.

Simplify Your Language

Jargons requiring a special dictionary will never resonate with your readers. Instead, use words that even fifth graders can understand. In doing so, your audience can scan your web copy quickly, make their decisions faster, and encourage better brand recall. 

Reserve jargons for technical terms in product manuals or in your service contract where necessary. Virtually none of the audience will take time to search for the meaning of a difficult terminology.

The Results of Well-Written Web Copy

When you have excellent web copy, you gain the following:

An Interested and Informed Audience

Audiences quickly know more about your brand. In addition, they understand how your offer works, why it is of high value, and why it is efficient. Furthermore, the audience becomes highly interested and will likely read or like to know more about your brand.

Improved Brand Awareness and Recall

High interest in a brand encourages audiences to recall it if they are only researching. Brand awareness and recall are two early yet essential marketing milestones that help you create conversions and high chances of brand advocates.

Encourages Content Consumption

Scrutinizing audiences will want to know why your offers are effective than others. In this light, they will read your company case studies and blogs. These provide long-term benefits by improving your brand’s value, solidifying the efficacy of your solutions, and introducing your awareness about different things in your respective niche or industry.

Increases Brand Authority

Even without converting, researching customers can place their full trust in your brand’s knowledge thanks to web copy stimulating content consumption. With higher traffic going into your website, you gain readership that has extremely high likelihood of converting.

Makes for Good SEO

Web copy can lead to huge web traffic if done properly. Furthermore, by using the right keywords for your web copy, you can rank for them and become a top result in the initial search engine page.

Never Underestimate the Power of Exceptional Website Copy

True enough, website copy is more than just a tool to describe your business in a way it will sell. It improves your brand’s authority, increases awareness and recall, and delivers exceptional results each time. If you haven’t yet, make sure to implement it in your website to increase your leads and possible conversions.

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Amy has been working with businesses to help build their online presence through websites, social media and digital marketing. She believes in delivering simple solutions that allows businesses to have control over their own website growth.

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