5 Unique Marketing Ideas for Your Website

Marketing Ideas for Your Website

When you have a website, generating traffic is a priority. Just because you just launched your website doesn’t mean users will be flocking to it. It takes effort and a solid marketing plan, but looking for an effective marketing idea for a website can be challenging. With all businesses going online, marketing for websites has evolved; from plain sharing website links to formulating contests which redirect users to your website. The goal is to get your message across an audience effectively.

There are tons of different marketing ideas that will help your website generate traffic and have users engage with your content.

We have prepared a list of the top 5 Unique Marketing Ideas for Your Website that are proven to be effective!


1) Partner With Other Brands

A partnership among two brands wherein the success of one brand can bring success to a partner brand. Brand collaborations are effective in getting brand awareness and website traffic. Look for a brand that has the same set of values and complementary strengths. Brands with strong, recognizable content and established names.

2) Pin your own images (and others)

Pinterest is the go-to platform when looking for images; specifically for inspirations. Often, users would check out an image or topic they are interested in and click on pins to learn more about it. Making a Pinterest account is something you should really look into. Create a board with different topics or ideas your business offers, doing so will allow your business to be discovered through the picture-sharing platform.

3) Become a Contributing Writer

Writing content for a publication or a brand in the same field can help solidify your authority in the niche and will also bring in a new audience, potential clients. Make sure that they link back to your website!

4) Host a webinar or video training

Webinars are online seminars conducted by businesses in order to establish authority and share knowledge. Webinars and video training are probably one of the best lead magnets. Users like it when they subscribe to something and get something in return.

 5) Hold a Contest Linked to Your Website

People love giveaways and contests! This strategy is one of the best ways to grab attention from people online. Creating a contest that will lead to your website will undoubtedly gain traffic and awareness. A sure way of generating a buzz!

These are only some of the unique ways you can advertise your website. You are not limited to these 5 techniques. You can even formulate your own! Hope this list will help you get the word out of your website into the online world!

Amy King - Business Basics Websites

Amy has been working with businesses to help build their online presence through websites, social media and digital marketing. She believes in delivering simple solutions that allows businesses to have control over their own website growth.

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