Redesigning A Website: When and How Often

Redesigning A Website: When and How Often

Redesigning a website and when to do it are questions most businesses ask. The answer to that is quite simple. You should redesign your website as often as you possibly can. Why? Well, the internet is a fast-paced setting. If the world is changing and evolving, the web does it three times as often. Staying current is something one should focus on, especially when it comes to tools and features.

At what point should redesigning a website start?


1) It is not mobile-friendly.

People nowadays are glued to their phones. They are used, not only to communicate with others, but also to do work related tasks. Nowadays, even shopping and researching are easily accessible activities. If your website is not mobile-friendly when your audience visits, they will tend to not spend much time on it nor would they return to check from their computer. They would move on finding a different website they may access through their phones efficiently.


2) Your site ranking is too low.

There are several factors affecting your website’s ranking, but if you have done everything aside from redesigning your website, then now is probably the time. The content and SEO of your website matters, so double checking the overall design is crucial.

3) Your site isn’t aligned with your goals.

Your website should be the visual representation of your goals. You either want to generate leads, bring awareness, or make sales. Showcase the service you can offer to your visitors. Make your design so compelling your visitors would become customers. When users visit, they should be able to see the company’s message through the design and flow of your website.

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4) When a certain amount of time goes by.

If the factors mentioned above don’t apply to your website, then redesigning every 2-3 years is a good benchmark. It’s important that to stay up-to-date and relevant in order to make your website work for you. Remember that your website is also a form of investment, make sure it’s generating leads and income.

These factors just guide you in redesigning your website. It is still up to you or your web designer and developer. Contact us now if you think your website needs an overhaul.

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