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What is included in a Business Basics website package?

What you see on the working demo of the website templates is exactly what is included in your chosen Business Basics website.

Your chosen template website is customised to match your own business branding. Your Business Basics website will be updated to ensure that the colours and typography matches your business branding. We also update all of the written and photographic content on the website to the information supplied by you.

Your website will be optimised for search engines and also include a range of premium software solutions that ensure your website loads quickly, tracks your visitor analytics and is very easy for beginners to be able to take control over their websites without any technical knowledge required.

We even take the hard work off your plate and write all your website content for you! This includes the Home, About and Services/Product pages as well as up to five (5) 500 word blog posts on topics you want.

What about hosting and SSL certificates?

The Business Basics website package includes 6 months free hosting & SSL Certificate.

We offer monthly hosting and website care plans that you can opt-into after your website is launched which start from only $29.00 per month.

Not only do you get A+ Australian Hosting and a free SSL certificate, other benefits of joining the Website Care Plans depending on your chosen level include:

  • Updates to your websites plugins and software
  • Licencing to the premium plugins your website utilises for the entire duration you are a member
  • Security monitoring software
  • Monthly reporting including visitor statistics and what work has been undertaken on your website
  • Website changes and monthly support
  • A brand new 500 word blog post written for you every month
  • Unlimited email support

How easy is it to update the content on my website?

Your website will be built using a easy to use page builder that will allow you to simply click on any element you wish to change and a drag and drop interface for any new content you wish to add. It is easy for anyone to learn and doesn't require any technical or coding knowledge.

100% beginner friendly.

Is ongoing support included?

Your Business Basics website package comes with a video tutorial library that covers the vast majority of functions you will want to undertake on your website.

There is also a 30 day bug support period after your website is launched live where Impulse Impressions will fix any technical issues that aren't working as expected if needed.

If you are looking for someone to take care of everything for you from the software updates right through to writing new content every single month, we have our monthly website support plans that start from $29 per month.

I want to sell products through my website, can I do this with a Business Basics package?

You can choose to add the eCommerce add-on to your new Business Basics Website at the time you order.

We will setup and design your online shop for you, write the product descriptions for up to 10 products and then add those products to the website for you.

If you aren't quite ready for eCommerce now but what the option available in the future, Business Basics Websites are perfect for you.

They provide a solid foundation that you can add additional functionally like eCommerce at any stage in the future without needing to create a whole new website.

What if I want to add extra functionality like eCommerce or a members area in the future?

Your Business Basics Website still retains the full ability to be extended upon in the future and grow with your business needs.

When you are ready to expand your websites functionality, we will be happy to assist you. Simply contact us with your project idea and we will set up a meeting to discuss it further.

How long does it take for my website to be live?

Your website can be live within 2 weeks, sometimes in less than a week!

It depends on how quickly we can get some information from you to start writing your website content. Website content is always the slowest part of the build so the sooner we have some dot points to work from, the sooner we can deliver the content for you to review.

I don’t have any content, can you write it for me instead?

YES! Your Business Basics Website package comes complete with our expert copywriters writing your website content for you including up to five x 500 word blog posts.

How long before my website shows up in Google?

Unfortunately there is no guaranteed time frame as to when your website will show up in search engines such as Google.

We do all we can to notify Google that your website exists at time of launch including:

  • Submitting your URL to Google & Bing's site index
  • Setting up Google Analytics on your website
  • Setting up Google Webmaster for your
  • Adding additional update servers that ping your site for any new content

Do you market my new website?

There is no digital marketing included as part of the Business Basics website.

Our partner business, Impulse Impressions can help you with your digital marketing needs. Please contact us to find out more.

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Are the licences for the premium plugins used included?

There are a number of software solutions that we use as part of our website builds that improve not only the functionality of your website but allows you to take control over your website without needing to have any technical know-how or prior website experience.

You will receive 6 months licencing included with the Business Basics package at no additional cost. However, after 6 months there are some that are premium and require licencing applied to receive future updates.

You are able to purchase your own licence to receive continual updates. Alternatively can sign up to a monthly website hosting and care plan with us to take advantage of our software licences.

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