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At Business Basics Websites, we are passionate about working with businesses and entrepreneurs to help them grow their business online through website development and digital marketing.

We love coming to work every day because we get to solve marketing and business growth problems for businesses and absolutely get a thrill out of seeing a successful win at the end of any project we work on.

We believe strongly providing professional business websites and providing support to small business on how to improve website conversions and creating relationships with customers through digital marketing solutions.

Creating websites and sales funnels is our expertise and through these services we can help businesses grow their business online and gain more customers and more income as a result.

Amy King - Digital Consultant

Our History

Our history started in 2015 with the launch of Impulse Impressions which specalises in providing custom website and digital marketing solutions for businesses who are serious about growing their businesses online.  Over the years, Impulse Impressions have helped a range of businesses to grow and scale online but were always aware that startups and smaller businesses couldn't always afford the customised solutions on offer. We wanted to find a way that we could help businesses who didn't have thousands to invest in a customised solution just yet but were still serious about growing their online presence.

With that goal in mind, Amy King developed the Business Basics package that allowed us to deliver a premium service but at an affordable price point that allowed smaller businesses to get a professional business website that could scale with the business while it grew.

Our Process

Step 1 - Place Your Order

Pick which look you want for your brand new website and sign up through our easy online form. Make sure to choose which add-ons you want and your preferred payment method. It's great to have you on board!

Step 2 - On Boarding

Now that the formal paperwork has been completed, it's time to create your client portal where everything is stored in one handy location including any help documents, invoices and links to your development website once it has been created. You can always check your client dashboard any time to see exactly where we are at on your website build project.

Step 3 - Your Content

No one knows your business and target market better than you. With that in mind, you need to provide us with a bit of information on you and your business to help us write your content. In addition to this, we ask you send through any photos you want to use on your website. In the absence of any photos, we will use stock images in their place which you will be able to easily change at a later date when you have suitable photos to use.

Step 4 - The Build

Since you have provided us with the content to include on your website and your business branding, it is finally time for the exciting stuff to happen! We create a development server where we start building out your chosen website theme to reflect your business needs. You get to keep an eye on exactly what is happening at any time by clicking on the link found in your client portal.

Step 5 - The Review

We have finished applying your business branding and content to your website and it is now time for you to have a good look through and make note of any changes that need to occur prior to it going live. We have a very helpful method for you to take note of any chances directly within the browser as you see it so no more miscommunication about what photo and what page you want the changes made to.

Step 6 - Launch Ready

Once you are 100% happy with your new website, we will start the pre-launch checks to make sure everything has been attended to prior to going live.

We will then push your website live and complete a few post-launch checks and then it will be time to hand the keys over to you.

Your Website Aftercare

You will get 30 days of support after your website is live where we will fix any unexpected bugs that might appear. You also have access to the 50+ training videos to help you learn how to use your brand new WordPress website which is accessible from your website admin dashboard.

We can also help give you peace of mind by ensuring that your website is safe, secure and up to date for your website visitors through one of our Monthly Website Care plans.

Make Your First Impressions Count

with the help of a professional business website from Business Basics Websites

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