7 Key Features Your ‘About’ Page Must Have

7 Key Features Your 'About' Page Must Have

The ‘About’ page is one of the first pages you need to create in your website. It’s also the most important one as it is where your audience (old and new) visit when they want to catch up or know more about your brand. For most, if you are designing a website and looking to create your ‘About’ page or if you just want to redo your current one, keep in mind the features you want to add! You can make it fun, serious, or creative, as long as it matches your brand. Know that the design of the page matters, but it’s the content that is really important. Get ahead of the game, know what to add in your ‘About’ page so your audience will find it entertaining as well as informative. 

Here are 7 key features your ‘About’ page must have:


1) Company/Brand Description

It’s pretty evident that when you visit a website’s About page, you expect information regarding the company’s name and what it is about. Something clear and concise. A mission and vision statement is usually found in this section of the page, as well as other facts such as the business’ history and background.

2) Team Introductions

Another excellent feature you could add is a section introducing the people behind the company. This is one way people would make sure a business is legitimate. You can add photos of your staff, contact details, and little introductions. You can make it fun, casual, or formal. It depends on the personality of your company’s brand.

3) A True Story

Usually, businesses would write down a story of how they became established, how a product came about, or actual customer experiences. It’s up to you be creative and be real.

4) Value

Starting with a catchy headline, introduce to your audience what values they may expect from your brand. Explain it well and be specific. Your audience and potential customers want to know, if you are worth their time,o make sure that every word counts.

5) Call to Action

After all of those features, you can start directing your visitors to what you want them to do; product sales, signing up for your company newsletter, providing a phone number or email to contact for further inquiries.

6) Contact Information

Even though you will have a separate page for the visitors to contact you, adding this to the about page after the call-to-action is just convenient and straight to the point.

7) Testimonials or Accomplishments

What best way to let people know about your brand is by showing other people’s reaction to your brand, as well as show proof and credibility by displaying a couple of notable accomplishments. Let your customers do the talking!

Make sure to include most, if not all, of these key features to make an impactful and efficient ‘About’ page. Go ahead and start planning your website now!

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