6 Extremely Crucial Features Your Homepage Should Have

6 Extremely Crucial Features Your Homepage Should Have

In the past, any website design will do. Internet users dug up information on a brand’s offer even if the navigation was difficult. However, this had all changed with Web 2.0’s arrival. Nowadays, you can have websites with sleek menu designs, high-resolution images with excellent loading speeds, and great, well-made and researched content on your website.

In doing so, it set the standard for homepages that create exceptional digital marketing and conversions. It isn’t rocket science — you’ll just need an experienced and capable web developer to deliver the following features that will give you an edge against the competition.

Here are 6 extremely crucial features your homepage should have:


1) Clear-Cut, Simple and Easy Menu

People end up on your website looking for a solution to their problem. Usually, a specific piece of information on your homepage is enough to get them reading your blog or clicking on your page content. With a well-made navigation menu, you make their entire experience seamless, which allows them to concentrate on information that they consume.

In this light, make sure your homepage features an easy-to-navigate navigation menu. It doesn’t have to look too fancy. A simple, clean, and readable font are enough to do the job. With an organised menu, you help your visitors consume more content than with internal links and references.

2) Highlight Key Brand Offers Always

Like we mentioned earlier, visitors look through your website trying to find a solution to their problem. Therefore, they’re looking for information telling them about your company’s objectives, unique selling proposition, and the overall efficacy of your solutions.

On your homepage, you can include your key products and services. You won’t have to highlight a product or service specifically. In fact, you can include general descriptions of your solutions. Doing this encourages your visitors to read information from your other pages and blogs. Not only will it help SEO, but you are likely to get more website traffic and chances of visitors converting towards your brand increase.

3) Direct and Powerful Message

The best thing about an uncluttered landing page is you can send an extremely clear message. You want your homepage to tell customers you can solve their problems. However, you don’t want to sound like a car salesman in doing this. Communicating it in a language your target audience understands and forging landing page paths for different buyer personas is the key to encouraging them to convert.

The layout, content, and overall message of your landing page are crucial in sending different converting signals. A good layout and content show professionalism. The message itself pushes your customers to give into their interest and look through your content. In doing so, their likelihood for conversion highly increases.

4) A Compelling Call to Action

CTAs are always against the banner or right above every landing page. This headline creates a spur of curiosity encouraging customers to look through your landing page content.

True enough, this simple detail drives action further into a website. It can answer customer questions. In fact, it can create conversions if it is well-written by directing customers straight into your conversion funnel.

Headlines must grab attention and create interest. Amplify this call to action with another yet different call to action in the form of a button with an appropriate message that inspires action.

5) Emotionally Provoking

A landing page that leaves a positive emotional appeal for customers is definitely the right path to take with any future design. Emotional response encourages people to make a purchase based on their impulse. At the very least, customers will consider reading more content from your blog and pages to solidify their decision.

Human emotions are a huge factor when it comes to purchasing decisions. What you feel about a certain product or service is enough to encourage you to buy their products or ignore it altogether. Therefore, always implant an emotionally provoking line, scenario, and more.

6) Customer Centric

Organising a clear path for all your buyer personas (or target audience) with a customer-centric message that answers their preliminary questions about your brand and offers are efforts to create a customer-centric landing page.

All brands strive to own a customer-centric landing page. The objectives are simple: the content must connect or resonate with customers. It must figure out their preliminary questions about the brand and give them an answer that they can understand quickly and clearly.

In doing so, customers convince themselves they’re looking at an exceptional brand and effective solution because the landing page anticipates their needs beforehand.

A Full-Featured Homepage is the Key to HUGE Conversions

Landing pages are at the widest brim of your conversion funnel. Therefore, optimising them to maximise conversions is the key to a long-lasting relationship with your customers full of conversions and brand advocacies.

A full-featured landing page is more than just having a beautiful preface for your website content. It encourages audiences to look deeper into your content and make an informed decision they feel is always the right one.

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