5 Common Types of Content Your Audience Will Love


There are various reasons why your website’s traffic is suddenly going down. One contributing factor is that there is not enough content for your visitors and subscribers being made. Content is the most important thing in a website. It is what sets you apart from others, as well as, send the right message to your visitors. Content will eventually convert to sales. Make sure to create quality content, content that is sure to captivate your readers. Content marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy for businesses, big or small.

There are several types of content to create depending on what you think will appeal to the type of audience you have. The fact is, they like it when they know you care for them and their needs. Even just as simple as providing new content.

Here are 5 common types of content your audience will love:


1) Blogs

For most websites, blogging is the main content strategy. Blog posts are ideal when it comes to building a relationship and communicating with your readers. It is also the best way to improve SEO and drive more organic traffic to your site from the search engines. Check out this post about the benefits of a blog.


2) Videos

While videos haven’t been always associated with content marketing, more users would rather watch videos than reading text. Of course, your videos should offer value, and include a CTA that would send users to your website or a specific landing page.

3) Infographics

When it comes to providing information through an image, infographics are the type of content to use.  Infographics allow tons of information to be packed into a single image. Visual representation of statistics are always appealing than just reading numbers.

4) eBooks

If you are looking for long-form content, eBooks are ideal. Aside from providing content, eBooks are also great when it comes to collecting lead information. You can have visitors provide some type of information about themselves in exchange for the free eBook download. This post from Post Funnel tackling how you can use eBooks for marketing and retention is also a good resource.

5) Case Studies

This type of content helps them better appreciate how your brand can add value to their lives. Case studies can be used in blogs, eBooks, social posts, and other types of content.

Take advantage of all of these and plan out a content calendar. The key is still about consistency. Feed your audience the content they would love and need, and you will for sure see an improvement with your website traffic.

Amy King - Business Basics Websites

Amy has been working with businesses to help build their online presence through websites, social media and digital marketing. She believes in delivering simple solutions that allows businesses to have control over their own website growth.

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