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Running your own website can be quite tricky and complex since there are a lot of things that you should maintain – consistency from the main content of the website, the feedbacks and testimonials of the visitors, engaging with your audience. That is why it’s important to note the things that you should include in the process of making your own site. It should catch attention and should tell your audience to stay and browse more. Thoroughly building every link throughout your website should be well thought of and should of course be working. However, some content writers tend to focus more on the entry and often disregard the importance of other site features, particularly the Contact Us page.

The Contact Us page of your website serves not just to contact you for casual communication, but it is also the link between you and your audience engagements for, potential business partners, potential endorsers, and the easiest link between you, your sales, and your customers. Last week, we learned about 6 extremely crucial features your homepage should have.

This week, let’s find out what features your contact page must have. Let’s get on it from top to bottom.


1) Tag lines

[1] According to SEJ (Search Engine Journal), the power of words and the type of color you use as a background on your Contact Us page is very substantial in serving its purpose. Playing with words, though not necessarily required, is an additional reassurance to your audience that you are just a click away. Different tones can be used such as friendly, formal, business-type, it depends upon you and your content, really. Be creative.

2) Visuals

People who spend more time in the web are very visual people. [2] Designshack says that one of the things that makes an audience stay in your website are great visuals while keeping it simple and not drive away audience because of the design complexity and too much color scheme. Try experimenting with simple photos from your office, your logo, or the things that describe your main website content.

3) Image

Often, some website owner put their professionally captured profile photo in the contact page to give their audience an overview of who they are talking to. Once they know who they are in contact with, they lean more into trusting the company they are trying to build a relationship with.

4) Your Value

Writing your value and what you can do for your target audience is also important. Sell yourself by telling your readers what you can do for them that others cannot. This isn’t bragging but being confident that your products and services are better than anyone else.

5) Mission, Vision, Goals

This is more applicable to big companies where mission, vision, and goals are well established yet, small companies which are still starting can have this section too. With it, people who visit your website will have an impression that your company is already well established.

6) Message Box

Some websites make a mistake by adding a non-contrasting message box that tends to confuse their audience where to type their message. Make sure that that color of the type box is different from the website main background. Again, give your audience comfort.

7) Vivid Send Button

Your send button must be very visible to give your visitor an ease in communication. As much as possible, it must be of different color, much brighter or different hue from the background or the message box. With it, they can hit send button without taking much of their time looking for it.

8) Contact Information

Ease the navigation of your audience by providing easy to read and straight to the point contact information. Provide a mobile no., office no., e-mail, and mailing address. As much as possible, make it visually appealing. Give your audience comfort. If they decide to e-mail you directly or call you via phone, they have an option to do so, aside from your message box and send button.

9) Social Proofs

Trust is the most important currency in the web world and providing your audience proof that you are a trustworthy website is also very important. [3] Chances are, even if your website looks real and trustworthy, some people will always have hesitation whether to trust you or not. And providing a few or more testimonials in your Contact Us page is one way to tell the, that you have worked with a lot of people and was happy about you. Give them the fact that they can trust you and let them reach out to you.

10) Redirect back to Home

At the end of your contact page, it is highly suggested to add a button that will lead your site visitors to your home page. Not many people add this feature but this allows them to explore your page more.

Really, it is always up to you how you want your Contact Us page to be. Be creative, be social, and be confident!

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